Mousehole Glamping

Are you planing on taking a holiday to West Cornwall, and have no idea what to do? Want to do something exciting, wild, and luxurious all at the same time? If you answer yes to any of that, then you should try Glamping at the Mousehole campsite! What is glamping? Where is Mousehole? Let’s find the answer to that and more!

What’s Glamping?

Glamping is the newly coined phrase that refers to luxury camping, and is a portmanteau of camping and glam. Unlike traditional camping where you give up amenities and live simplistically, glamping is about appreciating nature and the local scenery while indulging in modern luxuries and the unique experiences that the glampsite has to offer. This can mean sleeping in an air-conditioned tree-house while sipping champagne and eating gourmet dining, to posting on social media while tasting local delights in a tipi.
Anything you want to do while camping, you can do it glamping, but also with the luxury that’s typically afforded to holidaying. The main difference between glamping and a normal holiday is that you have total freedom over the experience, hence the camping aspect. Instead of being led around by a tour guide in a planed trip, you can chose your own path and make your own unique experiences, meet new people, and enjoy the local culture in your own way. Rather than cooping up in a generic hotel, you can enjoy the same amenities but with all of the local flare. With glamping, the sky truly is the limit. Glamping is also a great way to bring the family together, since the kids will still have access to the things they find fun, while also being able to partake in new and exciting experiences.

Glamping At Mousehole Camping.

Why go glamping at Mousehole Camping? The Mousehole campsite is located next to the Paul village in West Cornwall and is just a short walk away from the Mousehole village and a short drive away from Penzance, a fully modern yet still quaint town that can serve any needs that may arise, such as medical care. What this means is that in-between enjoying a wonderful time glamping at Mousehole, you can spend time fishing at the harbour or walking the beaches of Mousehole Village, or tasting the exquisite local beer and dining that the villages of Paul and Mousehole offer. Take a break from the mainland to board a ferry in Penzance for the magnificent Isles of Scilly, which offer beautiful natural heathland, a garden full of subtropical plants, a museum of shipwrecked figureheads, and the tower of Cromwell Castle are among the interesting experiences to be had.

Book A Stay At Mousehole Today!

The Mousehole campgrounds also offer Wi-Fi to keep you connected while you enjoy the stay, free parking, toilets, showers, and a clubhouse that has snacks and drinks available. We are a great campsite for glamping at as we allow tents, campervans, and motorhomes, meaning that you can bring your special glamping set-up and fully enjoy yourself at Mousehole Camping. Book a stay with us today. Our prices are affordable, and we accommodate both adults and children. Click here to contact us with any questions you might have!

How To Glamp At Mousehole?

What is the best way to glamp at Mousehole Camping? The easy answer is anyway you want. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while glamping.

Use A Motorhome.

One major advantage you can give yourself to get the most out of glamping is to bring a motorhome with you. Motorhomes allow you many amenities that are practically impossible if just camping in a tent. Motorhomes allow you to cook meals that may be difficult to cook on a campfire. For example, if you love cooking your own gourmet meals, owning and glamping in a motorhome allows you to upgrade your dinner from MRE’s and instant food to anything your heart desires. Motorhomes also allow you to sleep with some comfort and security. While Mousehole prides itself on safety, you may just not like the idea of sleeping in an tent. Motorhomes also afford you a great deal of leeway in your comfort level, often having very comfortable bedding and sleeping arrangements.

Build A Bed.

You don’t have to have a motorhome to have comfy sleeping arrangements either. If you do want to use a tent, just bring along your own bed. You can make an elevated bed by using stacked foam mattresses and layered padding. It’s up to you how much you want it elevated, but a comfortable bed is one of the fundamental elements of glamping.

Entertain Yourself!

Another great aspect of glamping is being able to bring entertainment with you. A great example is bringing a croquet set, bocce balls, or horseshoes for some game time. Likewise, you could bring a projector and screen with you to watch movies while you enjoy the scenery. Don’t forget that board games, card games, or even video games can be great ways to entertain while glamping.

The Right Decorations Are A Must!

Make sure you bring some decorations with you while glamping at Mousehole. Part of the glam and comfort of glamping is being able to bring all of the aesthetic touches that you can feel comfortable and at home with. While fragile objects like vases are probably a bad idea, you can bring art, LED candles, sturdy potted plants, decorative rugs, and anything else that gives the campsite a touch of “you”. If you want some special decorations that you don’t feel to bad about getting dirty or even broken, always look at secondhand shops and thrift shops for cool and attractive items to glamp with when you stay at Mousehole Camping.

Get Creative!

The best way to glamp at the campsite is to just be creative. If you are particularly good at crafts, you can make some very nice items to bring with you on your glamping trip, such as LED chandeliers or air conditioned canopies. There are tons of accessories and tools you can buy to make the trip more enjoyable, but also making use of modern tech like LED lights, solar powered batteries, and the wi-fi that we provide at Mousehole can allow you experience glamping in complete comfort.
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