Camping Penzance

Camping in Penzance or one of its many coastal neighbours is something you should experience at least once in a lifetime. From the interesting camping environment to the people you will meet, you are unlikely to find a more perfect UK camping destination. At Mousehole Camping we take camping seriously and provide one of the best camping experiences available. 

camping penzance
Aerial view of central Penzance

Our campsite

Camping with us is just a 5-minute drive to Penzance. By foot, it might take 60 minutes there, but 90 minutes back (uphill) or let the bus take the strain. A regular service links Paul with Penzance and beyond.

Here is what you can expect  when you choose to stay with us:

You enjoy a total package

When you choose to camp with us, you enjoy the total package that we have to offer. We take into consideration every essential detail that makes camping a memorable and fun experience. And just in case you are wondering, we make provision for every aspect of your well-being. 

We know people like to preserve the memories they make when they go out camping. You would like to take pictures and make some videos of the places and people you meet. So, we make provision for a place where you can charge your phone while on the go. If you happen to run out of battery, there is no need to panic. We have you covered. 

You can charge your phones, power bank, and other gadgets to keep you having fun in camp while keeping in touch with your loved ones. And if you want to stream your videos and photos on social media or you need the internet for any reason, we have free Wi-Fi you can enjoy. 

You enjoy your hobbies

One reason why people go camping is to experience a new environment, people, as well as have time to themselves. Here at Mousehole Camping in West Cornwall we ensure you enjoy all of these as well as have fun with your hobbies. If you enjoy photography, you can take a lot of amazing photos of yourself and your loved ones as well as the environment. 

There are great places you can take a walk to and even take amazing photos as you do so. You can take a walk to the villages around and take a look at historical sites and buildings like the historical church in the village of Paul. 

You can visit Mounts Bay on foot while taking beautiful pictures of the great scenery. There are sights to photograph in Mousehole village and Mounts Bay with ancient houses and culture-rich buildings. If you like fishing or are an enthusiast, you can have a feel of the water, small boats, and some fishing experience. 

At Newlyn, there is a large fishing fleet that you can see for yourself. There is also a fishing festival here that you can participate in if you happen to be around at the time. Fishing festivals are usually fun and entertaining. You might want to book your holiday to fall in line with the festival season.

If you enjoy travelling, you can take a tour around the villages and even within Penzance town where you find interesting sites and people to interact with. And if you enjoy meeting new people, there are a lot to meet here. It is interesting to add that Penzance and the neighbouring villages have interesting foods and wine you can taste.

We let you make personalized camping choices

If you enjoy coming out to camp with your own motorhome or campervan, we can arrange to make it happen easily. We can help you have an amazing experience where you and your loved ones live out of your comfortable and personalized vans and tents. 

Coming to us in your own motorhome lets you enjoy a new environment while keeping in touch with what is familiar to you. Coming out with your motorhome means you can drive around Penzance and neighbouring villages with more ease. you can drive around to a location, alight, take interesting pictures, interact with people, have fun, and drive around again. 

Camping in Penzance is easy with us

There are just a few steps to booking your camping with us. We pride ourselves on our easy, speedy and secure booking options.

Whether you are camping or glamping, all you have to do is to pick the month it is convenient for you to come over. 

Then you pick the specific days you come in, stay and leave. Then you have to specify the number of people coming over and whether they are adults or children. The next step is to pick your accommodation and make payment. While at our camp, will make your stay as easy and memorable as possible.

We have impressive reviews

If you want to know if a company is doing their best, check out the reviews. Our reviews are always colourful and interesting because we satisfy our clients. People always talk well of camping in Cornwall and the great services we offer here at Mousehole. 

People who want to visit Penzance and the interesting food, wine, places, and people often camp with us and fulfil their dreams. The interesting services we offer, our dedication to customer satisfaction and our years of experience in the industry bring customers back to us year after year.

We take entertainment to a new height while paying attention to every essential area. 

Contact us today

Should you ave any questions about our services we are just an email or a phone call away. 

You can as well check our website to get to know us better and explore our camping services. 

If you need more information, our site manager is always available on call. We are open every summer. If you want to come with your motorhome and campervans, you are more than welcome.

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