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Camping West Cornwall

Our campsite is situated in West Cornwall, possibly the most strikingly beautiful areas of the United Kingdom.


One of the features drawing visitors to the area year after year is the imfamous South West Coast Path.


A walk along great cliffs, interspersed with coves and


A wild and rugged landscape that gives you a real feeling of remoteness.

• West Cornwall is a plateau at about 100 m above sea level.

• Everywhere a brook runs into the sea, it is busy cutting into it

.. plateau. You will find a narrow, wooded valley there. The deepest of those adaptations

.. valleys are almost at sea level. That means soon for the walker

.. 75 altimeter quite steeply down and then up again.

• The rock of Land's End is granite and this explains the mining of the

.. minerals such as copper and tin, and the presence of many prehistoric

.. monuments. Prehistoric man liked to use the hard granite

.. for the construction of burial chambers and the like.

• The South West Coast Path is a real coastal path; the sea is always visible.

• Usually you walk along the upper edge of the cliffs, where you have a nice view.Every now and then down over beaches and along harbours.

• Constantly present,... Bracken, Gorse (gorse species) and on the other hand Trees / Forest. You will find that almost exclusively in the valleys.

• You constantly hear shrieking seabirds and with a bit of luck you see:

.. - Red-billed Chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax),

.. And down in the sea maybe:

.. - Gray seal (Halichoerus grypus), and maybe:

.. - Basket shark (basking shark) (Cetorhinus maximus) trawling for plankton.

.. For this path, binoculars are a must!

• You will encounter camers/walkers from many nationalities on this long distance path.